Cold Storage

Warehouse capacity 7200 pallet position or equal with 72.000 Kg. Consists of 7 chambers with each capacity of :

  • 260 Pallet position
  • 824 Pallet position
  • 1600 Pallet position

To maintain the freshness of temperature  where the temperature of each area can be managed separately according to customers need. Here's with an integrated management system.      

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Equipped with several types of vehicles:  L-300 (1.000 kg capacity) :

  • Colt Diesel Engkel (2,000 kg capacity).
  • Colt Diesel Double (4,000 kg capacity).
  • Tronton (10.000 kg capacity).
  • Built Up (16.000 kg capacity).

Vehicles equipped with GPS and Thermo Logger that can be accessed online. There is a hub in Surabaya to facilitate coordination distribution.

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